Hello babes... I came back from this holidays and after 4 days I went back to Portugal.
I went to Algarve, south of Portugal to see my parents and to attend a wedding of one of my university best friends. 

So talking about this trip, on the third day we went in direction to Portofino
We left Cinque Terre in the morning and we went by train to Santa Margherita Ligure, there is no direct train to Portofino, and it takes around one hour and half more less.
Santa Margherita Ligure is a small town near to the sea were we went for a coffee before we went to Portofino.

There are bus stops everywhere along the road from Santa Margherite to Portofino, the bus cost 2.30 (I believe), but honestly is not so far to go walking until there,and there is a walk path between them.
 The view is so worth it, on the bus you can't enjoy it or take any photos. 
We just walk a bit, because we were with our cabin bags and was midday time.
It is a nice place as well to go to the beach, but we didn't wear or swimsuits.

Portofino is a small village... honestly I thought that would be more beautiful and something more special, but is not.
We didn't manage again to go up until the castle because of ours bags, but we manage to take some nice photos on the small port.

We took again the train from Santa Margherita Ligure to Genova to sleep there.
We stay two nights in Hotel Nologo, near to train station, like 5 minutes walking, and near to the city centre, super modern and affordable, with a terrace with Jacuzzi.

The city is full of monuments and beautiful churches... but I found it a bit empty for such a popular city, maybe because we went there after the bridge fell.

This was taken on the Van Gogh exhibition, it was super cool because they were passing in this big screen his paintings and we manage to take some nice shots and learn a bit more about his life.

This last photo is from the last city in Italy that we stop before we went to Monaco, called Ventimiglia.
There wasn't direct train from Italy to France, so here was the last city where we need to change so as I didn't have tickets booked from there to Monaco, just from Genova to Ventimiglia, we went around just for a quick coffee and see the little city.
Indeed it had more people then in Genova.

Soon I will share here some post from France coast.


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  1. Que lugar lindo! Amei o Ășltimo vestido babe .
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